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Marie Warlick » Bio


Ms. Warlick is one of our English teachers at McDowell Academy for Innovation. She was born in Salisbury, and has lived in North Carolina her entire life. She attended Pfeiffer University before transferring to and graduating from Western Carolina University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English. 

Some extra-curricular activities that Ms. Warlick did in high school were chorus, softball, and basketball. She still enjoys hiking with her son when he is back from college.  She also enjoys music and particularly symphony, marching band, bluegrass, country, polkas, disco, and folk music. A few of her favorite singers include John Denver, James Taylor, and the Indigo Girls. 

       Ms. Warlick is a real fan of books. She likes to read historical fiction and non-fiction. Her favorite authors are J.K. Rowling, Kristin Hannah, and Alex Haley. She really likes to watch movies, and some of her favorites are the Harry Potter series, The Help, Fried Green Tomatoes, Hidden Figures, Roots, The Patriot, and Schindler’s List.   

Ms. Warlick really enjoys traveling. Her favorite holiday ever was her summer trip to London, England and Edinburgh, Scotland in 2017.  Leavesden Studios was where the Harry Potter movies were filmed, and she toured the studios one day and saw props, settings, and costumes. At the Globe Theatre in London, she loved seeing William Shakespeare’s play Twelfth Night. She also visited Shakespeare’s hometown (Stratford-upon-Avon), childhood home, school, and church. In Edinburgh, Scotland, she visited the castle, experienced the Royal Mile, and hiked to Arthur’s Seat. 

Ms. Warlick wanted to become a teacher because she loves helping students learn to find and use their voice in writing with confidence. Also, she loves reading and analyzing what she reads with students. She is supportive, has high expectations for everyone, and pushes students to succeed. Her teaching philosophy is that, “Different doesn't mean bad or wrong- it just means different!” All students can learn, so she enjoys the challenge of figuring how to make her subject interesting and worth learning about in order to stretch students to help them grow and mature as people as well as writers.

As you might have noticed, Ms. Warlick can be really strict sometimes, but we all know that is when students learn the most. Sometimes students need that push because they lack the motivation or willingness to do the work. Through her high expectations, she helps show students how far they really can go and how the real world works. She truly goes above and beyond to support students and help them in any way possible.  We are very happy that Ms. Warlick is part of our family. She is definitely a valued teacher at MAI and a truly wonderful human being.