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Ms. Hall is the Exceptional Children's teacher at McDowell Academy for Innovation.  She attended college at Appalachian State University and received her Bachelor's degree in K-12 Special Education.  She graduated summa cum laude in 2009, which is not an easy task to complete. 

Ms. Hall’s teaching philosophy is that every child deserves the opportunity to reach their full potential academically, as well as in life.  After struggling in school when she was younger, she knew she wanted to help students that struggled as well. After working with a student with disabilities before college, she decided teaching was how she could make a difference in the world.  Students respond to her caring nature and one student in particular said that she was inspired to work hard and go to college because of Ms. Hall’s example helping all students succeed. That spark was what gave the student the desire to improve and keep going in school.     

Ms. Hall’s favorite extra extracurricular activity and true passion is keeping in freshwater fish and planted aquariums.  She is an expert at this hobby and interestingly, people all around the country contact her about ideas for their own tanks because of her extensive knowledge in this field.  Ms. Hall also enjoys volunteering at her church as the treasurer and church secretary. In the summer, she enjoys camping and spending time with family. She also stays busy taking care of her German Shepherd and her bunny, which she sometimes brings to school for the students to see. 

Ms. Hall is originally from Marion NC, however, her family moved to South Carolina when she was a child, where she lived for twenty years. She then moved back to North Carolina and has been here since that time.  She enjoys all types of music genres. She also enjoys reading books by C.S Lewis, or any genre that makes her think in new ways. Her favorite holiday is Resurrection Sunday. Some of her favorite movies include The Lord of the Rings series.

As you can see, Ms. Hall is a well rounded teacher and a special part of the MAI family.  Stop by her office one day to see her fish tank or bunny and you will be amazed at her dedication to these two hobbies, as well as to her students.