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Tina Shelton » Bio


Ms. Shelton is one of our science teachers at McDowell Academy for Innovation. She attended Appalachian State University and graduated with a degree in Biology and Secondary Education. She also received a minor in Chemistry.  She had not originally planned on being a teacher. However, she watched her sister struggle in public school. So she decided to become part of the system to help students like her sister succeed instead of just complaining about what should be done in the school system. 

Ms. Shelton has a strong belief that students should learn, not memorize.  She believes that every student should be able to think and answer questions logically.  Ms. Shelton loves doing hands on experiential lessons and activities in her science classes.  She loves nature and the way life works. Her science classes show students these mysteries in action.  

Ms. Shelton is very passionate about helping animals.  She cares for many cats, dogs, and rabbits at her home.  She believes that they are like an extended family. One cat in particular named Itty Bitty, was the runt of the litter and yet had the heart of a lion.  Itty Bitty ultimately did not make it, but she taught Ms. Shelton so much about perseverance and trying things with all your heart. Itty Bitty tried to jump really high and climb trees with all her strength, and she never gave up in life.  Ms. Shelton tries to use lessons from her animals as metaphors in life, and she passes these lessons to her students as well. 

Ms. Shelton is one of the hardest working teachers at MAI.  If you visit the school after hours, you will almost always find Ms. Shelton’s car in the parking lot.  She usually does not leave work until after 4:30 or 5pm each day. As you can see, Ms. Shelton has a strong work ethic and passion to help students learn in new and creative ways.  She is truly a valued member of the MAI family. We are glad she considers MAI her home.