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Jessica Sutton » Bio


Ms. Sutton is the Innovation Specialist at McDowell Academy for Innovation.  If anything tech related comes up at school, Ms. Sutton is the go-to master of technology and usually can make it run smoothly, or she will find a way to make it work.  Without Ms. Sutton’s expertise, our school would not be the same. She wears many hats at MAI from tech master, substitute teacher, technology facilitator/trainer, parent facilitator, college liaison, and many others.     

Ms. Sutton attended The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill for her Bachelor’s Degree in Middle School Education, where she also earned her first Master of Arts in teaching degree.  Later, she also attended Appalachian State University for her second Masters of Library Science degree. She has lived in NC her entire life. She is from Lenoir, NC, and moved to Marion when she married in 2009.  She has two young children, Sam and Joanna, and they keep her very busy when she is at home. They are her little bundles of joy and are her main motivation to keep working hard in life.  

Ms. Sutton wanted to become a teacher because she wanted to help everyone succeed in life, especially people for whom school is not easy. Her teaching philosophy is to do whatever it takes to make students succeed in school and life by teaching them relevant things that will help them to know the real world. She tries hard to help students find the best match for their future career after MAI.

When Ms. Sutton was in school, she liked most subjects, especially English and Chorus.  Some things that Mrs. Sutton enjoys outside of school are reading, traveling, playing handbells, and clogging.  Mrs. Sutton’s favorite holiday is Halloween. Her favorite movie is “O Brother, Where Art Thou?” She does not really have a favorite type of music, but she likes “something that you can dance to,” she said. She likes to read, and her favorite author is Bill Bryson.  She does not have any particular favorite book, but she likes fiction and nonfiction.

As you can see, Ms. Sutton is one of the most valuable staff members at MAI.  Her drive and passion serving students and staff at MAI is unparalleled. We are a better school because of her.